The Hairstyle in Qing Dynasty and The Monks

As is seen from movies about past China in Qing dynasty,the emperors from Manchuria were having a very special haircut.But little was mentioned about why they have this somewhat ugly hairstyle, and not even mentioned in history books,as far as I can remember.
But some days ago I discovered one weird thing—They were actually monks.
Yeah it is true.People in the northeastern part of China are largely influenced by buddhism. At the beginning of the Qing dynasty,the hair was not so long and just a small portion of their back head had hair. People were forced to have their hair cut to be like this.Let me explain.Manchuria was a minority living in northeastern part of China. When conquered the whole China,they forced people to wear what they wore,and you know,what they had on their head.Even they don’t  know why their ancestors had this sort of haircut.In my point of view,they just learned it from the monks occasionally.So I wonder if the emperor knew the truth,would they still do that?Maybe not.

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