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8 Secrets about November Zodiac Sign Astrologyers are Hiding

There are 2 November Zodiac Signs,Scorpio and Sagittarius.But mainly Scorpio (Oct 24-Nov 23),the rest 7 days is Sagittarius.


Secret 1:The richest person in the world or your country has the November zodiac sign of Scorpio.

Just take a look at your country,or my country,the top richest persons.At least half of them have a zodiac sign of Scorpio.No wonder Scorpio is called the wealth constellation.

Secret 2:Most Scorpio look younger than its age when old

Look at the stars of your childhood crush, is he or she still very young? They may be Scorpio, that’s right!

Secret 3:November Zodiac Signs memorize thing fast

I don’t want to explain more here. For those who want to know more, please refer to the general explanation about Scorpio.

Secret 4:Many of them work in a bank or has an job of finance

As for why many Scorpio like to work in a bank, it may be because they are naturally interested in finance, especially the money of others.

Secret 5:Women scorpio is more sexually attractive than others

Scorpio is known as the sexiest of the Zodiac constellations. If you want compare which constellation is the most sexy, then it is none other than Scorpio. Especially for women Scorpio-affectionate eyes, fascinating body…


November Zodiac Sign Sagittarius

November Zodiac Sign Sagittarius

Secret 6:november zodiac signs born after November 7th, have very delicate feelings.

This is something in Chinese astrology, because people born in the colder winter season will be very clear-headed and have some impetuous thing.Whether it is Scorpio or Sagittarius.

Secret 7:Sagittarius has a wide variety of love

Maybe they travel more and learn more things, especially philosophical aspects, so they will not refuse things from all ethnic groups. And what bonded them all together is religion.Or the love to learn.
PS:is this like a Platonic Love?

Secret 8:Those who have a November zodiac sign of Sagittarius is lucky

What I mean is not just a plain lucky.They are so lucky that they seem to be able to avoid all kinds of troubles, and it seems that there is God’s protection in the dark.In my opinion,travel,reading,made them lucky.As the proverb going,if you have enough money,the the ghost will work for you.But what if you have enough wisdom?Everything can be solved.The latter one is more difficult.

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