november zodiac sign scorpio

8 Secrets about November Zodiac Sign Astrologyers are Hiding

There are 2 November Zodiac Signs,Scorpio and Sagittarius.But mainly Scorpio (Oct 24-Nov 23),the rest 7 days is Sagittarius.   Secret 1:The richest person in the world or your country has the November zodiac sign of Scorpio. Just take a look at your country,or my country,the top richest persons.At least half of them have a zodiac Continue reading

full moon astrology

When the Moon Hasn’t Been Full

In ancient times, full moon means something that reaches a culmination.So in astrology, full moon means the time when something is accomplished and you can eventually see its clear face. In the lunar calender ,each first day of one month you would be able to see a new moon, and you would be able to Continue reading

A Journey to the West

The novel “A Journey to the West”  written in Ming Dynasty describes Four people went to India to take these buddhism books home.They traveled almost one year to get to the destination.So the novel was about their fantastic journey and it was actually a myth. Shortly after the novel was wrote,another person named Ice Heart Continue reading

The Hairstyle in Qing Dynasty and The Monks

As is seen from movies about past China in Qing dynasty,the emperors from Manchuria were having a very special haircut.But little was mentioned about why they have this somewhat ugly hairstyle, and not even mentioned in history books,as far as I can remember. But some days ago I discovered one weird thing—They were actually monks. Continue reading

new way to remove crow's feet

A New Way to Remove and Prevent Crow’s Feet

As you grow by age,crow’s feet shows up,which implies your secret.Then a lot of ladies look to expensive cosmetics for help.But with little luck.Here is another way of removing these wrinckles which is much easier than you can imagine.There are many people who still don’t have these wrinckles when they are 50.So different people have Continue reading

Four Types of tea and Your inner Feng Shui

There are four plus one elements based on Wu Xing Theory.They are: water,wood,fire,metal,and earth. The earth element is actually a support for the other four elements. Everyone is born with karma from past lives.So according to the natal chart of Bazi,there is at least one element that you lack or is needed. Generally speaking,people born Continue reading