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Can it predict the future just by the date of birth of a person?  Finding a fortune teller is like seeing a doctor. For ordinary symptoms such as a cold, the answers given by different doctors are similar. But for a slightly more complicated case, have you heard stories of blind people touching elephants? Different doctors may give different answers. Different departments will have different angles to answer. So there are all aspects of face, palm,mole reading. In fact, it is not just these. In the Book of Changes,or I Ching, many factions have been developed, all of which have Zi Wei Dou Shu, Four Pillars Destiny, Feng Shui, bagua and so on.And these have been 4,000 years old. 4000 years, is it enough? Enough for me to  have studied for more than 10 years. Did not participate in anything during the period.

In Buddhism, we are all retribution bodies. That is to say, everyone is more or less sick. But these diseases are treatable. So most people who come to me have things. bother you for something.

Comparison of Chinese Fortune Telling  with  Western Astrology

I have also studied Western astrology for a long time. Later, I felt that there are some contradictions with Chinese Fortune Telling. In the Four Pillars Destiny, men and women are different, and the fortune transit of men and women is in the opposite direction. But the men and women in the Western astrology are the same. Later this contradiction was resolved. There is another variable in Western astrology, which is the “event.” For example, you know that something will happen at some point in the future. Just you don’t know how good or bad. Then you can go to see the star palace map of the day. But for women of the same date of birth, something doesn’t happen that day, and you don’t have to go to the Star Palace map. Or a small thing, not a big deal.
So a bigger advantage in four pillars numerology is to predict a person’s general trend,which is quite accurate and Western astrology has a unique aspect of predicting specific things. But there is nothing that can be done about the big trend. For example, if I am lucky in the next ten years, can I make a fortune? These big trends can be solved through four pillars destiny.

Does it affect the luck of a person by choosing auspicious days?

It is a good choice to choose auspicious days for major events, especially marriage or opening. Of course, now  is the year of 2019,there is also a choice of auspicious caesarean section. In fact, the combination of tradition and modernity in this form is not necessary for most people.


If you go to see a Chinese medicine doctor near you, they will let you stick your tongue and let them see. The tongue is actually divided into a bagua map. In fact, one genre of the Physiognomy looks the same as the tongue, that is, the face of the person is treated as a bagua map, but the tongue is more obvious when the doctor sees because the tongue is more like an extracted image. To understand these,you should also take holography into account.

Coins or Sticks

In fact I have abandoned those type of fortune telling method online because it is mostly down by software or app.So Chinese fortune telling online shouldn’t contain these, In real life it is still useful but takes time to throw coins or Choose sticks.

Do We have Do we have a pdf version of the books about suan ming?

Yes, we have a lot of books, but we also know that a few books are the easiest to understand. You can also help contribute to participate in this, and for now I have plenty of time to solve these problems.


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