Drinking is not guilty! Six nutritional benifets of beer

We have always thought that beer hurts our body, and there will be so-called beer belly if we drink too much, but is beer really bad? After all, it ’s so heart-warming if you can drink cool beer in a big mouth in the coming summer.What a great time! So today I will tell you that in fact, beer is not as bad as we imagined. In fact, beer has many benets, and it can also achieve the effect of beauty and beauty ~Although we do n’t recommend you to drink beer, but drinking beer in moderation is actually not as bad as you think! If you still have health concerns about beer, let us tell you the six nutritional values of fresh beer!

Ecacy 1. Help gastrointestinal digestion

The beer content is relatively low compared to other alcohols, only 2% to 7.5%. The main ingredients of beer contain: germinated barley, ethanol, hops (a perennial herb, hop), polyphenols and water. Among them, the protein contained in barley can be decomposed to produce 17 kinds of amino acids through catalysis, and eight of them are essential amino acids that cannot be synthesized by the human body; therefore, beer has the most suitable carbon for human nutritional balance.Water compound to protein ratio 15: 1.With 50 grams of carbon dioxide (CO2) per liter of beer, drinking in moderation can help your stomach move. The hop aroma and elegant bitterness of beer can promote gastric secretion and activate the digestive function of the stomach. Having a cool draft beer, not only enhances the absorptive capacity of the intestines and stomach, but also improves your appetite!Let ’s also clarify for beer here, in fact, beer is not the real culprit causing beer belly! The misunderstanding of drinking beer caused by belly fat is actually a high-calorie and high-fat appetizer (such as: peanuts,French fries, fried chicken wings, fried ower branches, etc.); because of the ingredients of beer, it does not contain any fattening ingredients. Of course, drinking too much can hurt your body, that’s for sure; but it’s more important to reduce your intake of high calories when drinking.Serve wine and drink with a constant exercise; this way, even if you drink beer, you don’t have to worry about giving birth to beer belly!

Ecacy 2. Bone and joint health

In recent years, many food science studies have found that beer is a rich source of silicon in the diet. Half of the silicon in the form of soluble orthosilicic acid (OSA) in beer can be effectively absorbed by the body; and silicon isThe growth of bone and joint connective tissue plays a key role. According to research by the National Institutes of Health (NHI), dietary silicon can not only improve bone density in the humanL), it is more helpful in ghting joint pain and osteoporosis. In addition, the phytoestrogens in beer also have a certain protective effect on the bones of menopausal women; but be careful, if you drink them in transition, it will still cause bone ow.Lost!

Ecacy 3. Protection against stroke and cardiovascular disease

A study published in the Journal of Nutrition some time ago showed that drinking beer, especially the darker one (such as Australian-made beer, malt is roasted to make the beer darker and taste caramel wind ofFlavor), to a certain degree of cardiovascular health benets. Normal people drink 400 ml of beer for about one to two hours, blood circulation will perform better, and the concentration of good cholesterol will increase, preventing platelet staining.Sticky to protect the elasticity of blood vessels. Studies also point out that drinking beer properly can not only regulate vascular tone, but also reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and myocardial infarction by up to 45%. And researchers found that the combination of ethanol and antioxidants in beer is a key factor in making beer a benecial beverage.

Ecacy 4. Helps wake up and relieve tension:

Beer contains a lot of organic acids, which can effectively refresh you when you feel bad! Drinking in moderation can help you relax tension and promote muscle relaxation, so you can smile and face challenges again. and so,Next time when your mood turns blue, sip a beer and talk to yourself Cheer Up!

Ecacy 5. Enrich blood and protect eye health

Pure beer is rich in vitamin B group, among which vitamin B12 (folic acid) and vitamin B2 (riboavin) are the highest. Vitamin B12 is usually taken from meat and its greatest effect is to promote red blood cells to emergy. With enough B12, you can effectively ght and prevent anemia that women are vulnerable to. The darker ones, such as rye beer, are also rich in vitamins B1 and B2, which can help the normal generation of the retina and cornea.Thanks to scavenging free radicals, it has quite signicant effects on vision protection! So drinking good quality beer will make your eyes brighter and brighter!

Ecacy 6. Diuretic, anti-edema

Research from the University of Munich in Germany shows that one liter of beer contains 550 mg of potassium, which has a good effect on regulating the water balance in the body. If you do n’t have enough potassium in your body, it will cause puness and muscle spasmsIn severe cases, discomfort such as fatigue and neurasthenia may occur. In addition, beer can also be called a diuretic, because proper drinking can obviously promote urination function, and then remove heavy metals and waste materials from the body. In addition, fresh beer is also rich in magnesium, which can prevent kidney stones for you!Of course, the nutrition and benets of these beers are based on drinking in moderation; if you drink a lot of alcohol, it will cause a burden on the heart and cause the heart to have a terrible accumulation of fat. In the long run, it will also cause the heart contraction function of the body reduce, and it becomes a “beer heart” with an increased volume, but its strength becomes smaller. Therefore, the right amount of wine is the only rule to protect health! The delicious relationship between beer and beauty If you are still indifferent to the bitterness of beer, don’t worry, we has also made a compromise for you; so that you can enjoy the beauty of beer without drinking! Because of the protein, B vitamins and amino acids in beer,In addition to giving the body the nutrients it needs, many studies have found that beer can also moderately improve skin conditions and prevent aging. The hop in beer is a perennial mulberry plant, which is not only fragrant but also rich in snakes.Good antibacterial ingredients such as lupulone, hummulone, picric acid, and tannin. Next, there are three beer beauty methods to teach you, and learn so that you can create amazing and enviable good muscle! >Wash face with beer When washing your face in the morning add a small glass of fresh beer to the water and wash When washing your face in the morning, add a small glass of fresh beer to the water, and wash your face with a moderate massage until your cheeks become slightly red. The enzymes in beer can help metabolize aging keratin and make the skin more tolerant when it penetrates into the skin.Easily absorbs care products. After washing, not only the complexion is brightened, but the face will be smoother to the touch. As for the taste of beer, don’t worry, just take a few more shots with lotion and you can easily cover it! >Try the beer face wash tomorrow and let The aroma of hops welcomes you to the beginning of the day!Beer hair mask.First wash the hair with shampoo, dry it slightly, then pour 1/10 of the beer on the palm of your hand, and apply it evenly to the hair (remember to avoid getting on the scalp). Then use both hands to massage clockwise until the nutrients have penetrated into the hair root. If you want to double the effect, cover your hair with a hot towel before washing your hair, and let the pores of your scalp open completely. After the beer has been massaged into the roots, wrap it with a hot towel. After 10 minutes, rinse with water. StainedDon’t worry if you are making a hair, beer hair mask is mainly to improve hair quality, and will not cause hair color to fade! 3. Honey beer mask Cut half a lemon and mash it, and stir well with a teaspoon of honey, a moderate amount of beer, and a tablespoon of our. Then apply an appropriate amount on the face, leave it on for 15-20 minutes, and then wash with water. Honey can not only nourish skin, but also has a very signicant whitening function for the skin; with beer enzymes, it can help you take away the rough cuticles and return your original good skin! Seeing this, isn’t it that the preference for beer has skyrocketed? Wait, it’s not over yet! Finally, I want to share with you, a small step about drinking beer! Let drinking beer become a great enjoyment in your little life!

1. The correct way to pour beer with a cup is to rst pour the bottle into the bottle vertically and quickly into it to create an appropriate amount of bubbles.

After the amount of air bubbles slightly decreases and becomes dense, pour the remaining wine in the bottle at a 45-degree angle.Then gradually tilted. In this way, the foam will be evenly concentrated, and the height can rise above the cup without overowing!

2. For the most part, a 3: 7 foam to wine ratio is perfect!
3. Beer tasting is also a kind of knowledge!

When you drink the rst sip, please taste slowly. Is the beer thin or thick? Then, feel the bitterness or strong malt taste that sticks to the tip of the tongue? Is the rhyme short or the rhyme lasting? In addition to drinking beer and drinking beer can be like drinking red wine.


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