Every Little Thing Matters

In traditional Feng Shui Geomancy there are many rules to obey for a Feng Shui master.Such as what to put on the north and what to put on the south, where should the house be built near the river and where to build a road,etc.In fact, these things do affect our life imperceptibly.But most of the time they are in a balanced mode.So things are not that good or that bad.And most of us are just ordinary people. A few people have bad luck and quite a few have good luck.

But sometimes these balances are broken.

The first thing is we stay late at night much longer than people living in the past.

We usually sit in front of a computer or grab a smart device when in bed and do a lot of things.Everyone knows that these are bad habits and unhealthy.But what I want discuss here is how much influence is it on our health,and our destiny.In the evening,too much light can cause trouble to our hormones.The farmers put a bubble in the room of chickens so that they can lay more eggs.The clock in your brain take cues from darkness to secrete melatanin to make you fall asleep.So some people take melatanin supplement several hours before bedding if they can’t  fall asleep easily.Study shows that blue light emitted from computer and smart phones are sleep-killers.So you can wear blue glasses that protect you from blue light.

During the hour 11:00 p.m-1:00 a.m your liver meridian is active,this process needs to be accomplished in rest or calm status. Generally speaking,if you don’t fall asleep late at night for a long time it would cause damage to your liver.What you may feel curious about is,what are the influences of non-sleepness to destiny.As we know,something like, someone’s wife goes off the rails not because she always goes out to join the party,just because of a cellphone in the bed.Or something like,Someone gets rich by selling online late at night.It seem that those things cannot be measured.But I can tell you that these things can be measured because we are all born with karma. Karma from the past lives so we are all diffrent but destiny can be measured and destiny can be changed if you keep on good habits and follow advices.Frankly speaking,someone may get good luck if they stay late at night, the ratio is about one fourth or so in the world.That doesn’t mean there’s no harm if they keep on doing so.We call it Morbid Beauty.  Darwin once said,”nature prefers extremes”, but extreme itself is an illness.For most of us it’s a good habit not to stay late at night.But if you are curious to know whether you are in the one fourth who can get good luck by…Feel free to contact me before you take a chance.

The second thing is more people are living in high buildings.

In fact living in high buildings do have some influences to your luck.But they are bidirectional.We recommend living in the first floor so that you can get “qi” from the ground.But it doesn’t matter at all if you live in high buildings.Today,buildings in Paris still are limited to an specific height,it is favored.In Feng Shui Geomancy,each floor has a special meaning. It depends on what you lack in your “ming” or natal chart.




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