Experience in the ages 15 -30 Defines Who You Are

A lot of people think that when they graduated from college,they should find a job first and when they have enough money, they’ll do what they want.Such as setting up their own company or business or becoming freelance.But in reality it’s not that way.

The truth is if you are hired, you will always be hired.If you are self-employed,you will be so throughout your adolescence and youth.The difference is you have different bosses or hand on different jobs.And there are also those who want to be hired for 3 years and begin their own businesses for 2 years or so and then become hired again. They follow this routine throughout their early ages.

The character of a person can hardly be changed.

In Bazi prediction birth chart, there are four parts: year pillar,month pillar, date pillar and time pillar. Each stand for a mutiple meanings with reference to the date pillar.So the year pillar stands for your parents and situation during the ages of 0-15 years old . The month stands for your siblings ,your working place and your situation in the ages 16-30 . The date stands for you and your other half,and also means your situation in the ages 30-45. The time at that day you were born stands for your situation  in the ages 46-60,and your children. What would happen if you gets over 60 years old? Well,it’s a loop of time. You will find what happened to you is much similar to your childhood. So 60 years old is a key turning point. If you have bad luck during childhood, then at the year when you are 60,you will see great changes in life and go downhill. There are also some other things that also have big influence your luck of post-sixty life.So this conclusion is not absolute.

What plays a  important role to the destiny is the month pillar with reference to the date pillar. It takes 50% or more of the total weight. And it has big influence on the three parts. That means, your whole life is influenced hugely influenced by what happened  during your youth. So you can see the most talented people and genius have achieved there lifetime goal before 30. Look at the Forbes rankings, you can see the most wealthy people have already been a millionaire or billionaire when 30.

There are also exceptions.

The date pillar and time pillar ,or the last 2 parts of the natal chart also have influence if it has enough power to turn the bad situation around. Cherish your youth because it is a time when you are most creative and in the best condition.



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