Find Your Own Place of Freedom

Some people get tired all day,but they are never rich or have progress in career.I’m writing this article to show you the secrets that lies behind these ideas that people can get rich or improve im career by working hard or at least live a better life.The truth is simply working hard has little to do with success in life.We are actually working when we are awake,when we are walking, when we are eating or drinking,even when we are asleep. As long as we are alive,we are working.

So we are all having different work,in western astrology the 12 constellations show different part where your main job or things you do in life.For instance,Gemini does well in communicating, Virgo does well in serving and sanitation.So what I discuss here is,to what extend you should be working hard,how much work you should do daily,and where you can find you own freedom.

In the trigram,there are eight directions and the middle one.So including staying home,there are nine directions.The middle one,is the field that you should learn from cancer or real estate people,for cancer is quite good at housing and pisces is good at dreaming.The difference is pisces usually hides himself somewhere including home and doing kind of dreaming or meditation.This is also the reason why pisces generally live longer than the other sign of constellations.If you have a lifestyle of a turtle,protecting yourself under a shell and quietly slowing down,there is no reason why you wouldn’t have long life.

As for cancer,well,the richest people in China.Having a house means everything-proud,millons of loans from bank,criticizing the others for not working hard,etc.You can’t say there’s no benefit just staying home.

Fat people are lazier than thin people,as to hard working.Thin people work more and talk less,while fat people think more and work less.If you look at the twitter,those who twitter more than 3 times a day must be big.Those who have a round or ballshaped face are more talkative than those with sharp faces.Those who have a round stomach also think more than those thin people.The sperm of a fat man are of low quality so they have trouble with their children.And in Chinese fortune-telling, if you want to ask me how much the infulence is,I want to tell you is that  100%  of fat man have trouble with their children.God award them a beautiful wife,but punish them with trouble of their children.Fat women have more milk,so they don’t have trouble with their children.Besides,a fat woman can give birth to a child more easily than a thin woman.

Where can you find you own freedom on the Trigram?The answer differs.It depends on your natal chart. You can  go to a opposite direction in relation to your birthplace to take a chance if you feel too stressed. If you feel too stressed,just stop it and go to a opposite direction, if you feel any comfort,then you can go much further towards that direction.Things would become much easier.

Or you can also contact me for help.Plus,I also offer advices of what kind of job is best suitable for you.



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