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    Girl Grandpa Taurus Horoscope for January 2020: all beings are bitter

    You may have a deeper experience of “bitterness” during this month. This is not to say how bad your life will be, how unlucky it is. It is more like a kind of slow consumption. You may find that you have paid a lot and sacrificed a lot, but you ca n’t really keep anything, and you ca n’t talk about any enjoyment. You may even stingy find that there is no essential difference between gain and loss. Especially after the middle of the 15th of this month, you will most likely have a feeling of “unspeakable” and “exhaustive words”, making you feel that all living things are suffering.
    As a matter of fact, in the early part of this month, there was still a lot of improvement and gains in career. Especially around the 8th, it is not ruled out that some of you will also experience both fame and fortune. The increase in popularity and word of mouth will also increase your worth. There is even the possibility of promotion in the post. Even if there is no substantial promotion, you will still have advanced resources and channels.
    It’s only mid-afternoon on the 15th, the troubles from money and material will become obvious. This may be related to your dissatisfaction with treatment and income, or it may be related to your own excessive spending. No matter what kind of situation you are in, until around the 21-22 of the end of this month, you will have the performance of embarrassment for money. Even if your income is substantial, too much desire and demand will make it difficult for you to keep money.
    After the 17th, on the one hand, your own external state and performance, such as body shape, skin condition, complexion, image, etc. will have erratic performance. For example, suddenly fat and thin; good and bad skin. On the other hand, your emotions and feelings, including your situation in reality, will also show an uncertain side. Sometimes very happy, and sometimes very lonely and lonely. It may be made for 5 minutes in order to be beautiful in front of people for 5 hours; it may also be ruined by a word, long-term enthusiasm and expectations. In short, you will easily have a sense of embarrassment. This is not limited to the level of private life, including your work may also show the advantage
    Light, the condition of being agitated.
    After the 19th, we must pay attention to the situation where family and career cannot be balanced. And this is likely to continue around the end of the month around the 29th. Although after 21-22, those financial troubles that have continued from the middle will be calmed down, and may even get better. However, things related to team operations, marketing, and channel relationships will still consume your energy. Some things are not to say how bad he is, they can only be said to be incomplete.
    Especially after the 26th, things like work, team operation, and channel relations are likely to have more dog-blood performance. This may make you think a lot and think a lot, although such thinking does not make much sense, or it will not bring much change to the actual situation. But it will expand your experience and feelings about life.
    On the whole, there will be little success in terms of materiality, career, and future development. But in terms of life experience, it is a month of mixed taste. Especially with career VS family; sense of accomplishment VS sense of belonging, a lot of thinking on related issues. You can say that you are thinking wildly, or you can feel your own life. Either way, you can easily fall into the illusion of emotion, and happiness and pain can blur the boundaries. You must be careful about your health, the shape of your body, the condition of your skin, and the mental and emotional undulations.

    Emotional Fortune:

    For someone with a partner, your own state will become very sensitive during the month. Especially after the 17th of this month, and it is likely to continue until early February. During this period, you will easily become addicted to the definition of self, self-judgment, and even self-fascination. And when you are in it, it is very difficult for you to know it yourself. On the contrary, it is easy to have a sense of loneliness that “everyone is drunk and I wake up alone”.
    Although this feeling is not absolute and unique, to a large extent, when you feel that you are not understood, not understood, and not taken care of, it is better to say that it is not the fault of your partner You are too artificial. And similar to this situation, around the 21st and 26th, it is likely to be upgraded again. Excessive sensitivity, too much pursuit of external romantic forms, a sense of waste, can easily be counterproductive. It doesn’t rule out that some of you haven’t tried to create an atmosphere of love for a long time, and occasionally you want to get a little passion and relive the feeling of love, but unexpectedly make things both artificial and awkward. In short, avoid vain, meaningless formalism. Sometimes it is not necessarily because the other party is “not the right person”, but it may also be because your own expectations and requirements are incorrect. The so-called empathy requires some imagination to share troubles.
    For singles, you may have some good opportunities during the month. Especially for those relationships that have been in contact and understanding since the end of last month, it is not ruled out that the understanding of each other has started to get better. It’s just that by the middle of this month, you will show a lot of pickiness yourself. This is not necessarily because of how unsuitable the other person is. It may also be that you are overly sensitive or even overly emotional. If you are in a marriageable age, you have a need for marriage. Then it may be simpler and sincere. Too much pursuit of feeling and formalism will make you fall into the loneliness of your imagination. Even for people who do not have similar conditions, you need to keep it as simple and honest as possible. Excessive self-pretense, self-grooming, and beautification. Although it is also a kind of self-protection, such protection also means refusing to be protected. To understanding. So sometimes it’s not all external issues. If you can’t keep open to the outside world and others, then it will be difficult for you to be accepted by others. Generally speaking, it’s not that there is no opportunity emotionally, it’s just that it’s easy to be influenced by your feelings and your state. Unless you go out by yourself, no one else can get in.

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