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    January 2020 Leo Horoscope:Think too much

    This will be a month of brainstorming for you. There are many ideas but it may seem a little unrealistic. Especially in matters related to career development, what you think does not mean that you can do it, or that it is suitable to do it. There are many similar thoughts like this, and the state of uneasiness starts from the middle and late of this month and will last at least until the beginning of February. Keep an eye on career-related trends, and certain variables will emerge.
    Earlier this month, the overall potential energy was good, and the work arrangement would be relatively favorable. The cooperative relationship and capital operation will also show an orderly side. Especially around the 8th, if you have any plans and ideas, then this is easy to achieve. Only around the 15th of the middle of this month, there are frequent interpersonal and cooperative situations. Especially when it comes to money and money operations, there may be unpleasant experiences.
    Have disagreements with someone’s interests; be harshly deducted from a salary bonus; break money for someone. No matter what situation you are in, this will adversely affect your money and material. And it is easy to encounter interpersonal discord due to the problem of money.
    Soon to the 17th of this month, sudden changes in plans and contracts will cause you some trouble. If you have identified something verbally or reached a consensus on something before. Then after that, you may find that only verbal agreements can’t really get the plan to ground. In the process, the tongue, right and wrong, the true and false things will become unclear. You also have to be careful about your brain being confused. What you say and what you do is not very clear and certain. Being grabbed by someone, or being asked by someone else, forcing you to take responsibility for something and make a commitment to something. In fact, during this period, whether you make sense or not, it will be difficult for you to make it clear. It does not exclude that some of you will also be involved with companies and platforms. Especially when it comes to the part related to a contract, some plans may be difficult to implement.
    If you have a contract to sign and follow up during this period, you also need to be cautious. Things that are too easy to achieve will have hidden dangers in the specific implementation process later. Even pay attention to those parts that are relevant to the law, so as not to be bullshit. After the 19th, until the end of the 29th of this month, the confrontation from personnel will probably cause you some trouble.
    On 21-22, material pressure and disputes over other people’s money will be subsided. At the same time, in the long-term investment, the operation of funds, to avoid excessive optimism, and bring losses of money. This is also a time when it is easier to encounter investment temptations, and you should be cautious about transactions such as stock transactions and operations, and real estate transactions. So as not to encounter a situation of big in and big out. Especially around the end of the 26th of the month, if you have a contract that needs to be signed, a large loan such as a car loan, a house loan, etc., this is not to say that it is totally impossible. Only in terms of the details of the terms, the quality of the product, the procedures and other aspects, will be more tossing. Similarly, if you have a job
    Contracts related to work and business, and contracts related to business, then this will be repeatedly tossed to early February.
    In general, there are many things and many ideas for a month. Many things are easy to change by the end of this month. Changes in contracts and debts may cause some trouble for you and will last for a period of time. It’s hard to say whether these changes are due to your subjective will or passive objective factors. But whether it is subjective or objective. You all need to toss for a while. If you don’t need to be too precluded from such an unstable situation, then in March, you will see a favorable situation.

    Emotional Fortune:

    For people with a partner, starting mid-month, you and your partner will be prone to financial and material differences. Spending money because of the other party, or the other party’s material requirements on you, etc. And on the 17th, 19th, and 21st, be careful of deceiving each other, right and wrong. This is not necessarily intentional, just that two people will have different understandings, different views and attitudes. You think that the other party understands what you mean, and the other party may feel that you have understood the idea of ​​TA. In short, similar to such an oolong incident, it is easy to complicate simple things. If you have a common plan, make sure you have reached
    Become consensus, not just “I thought you thought the same way.” Especially for couples who are in the stage of talking about marriage and have marital needs, avoid showing ambiguous attitudes on important matters. If you are not sure about your marriage decision, don’t evade or deceive. For married people, they need to talk about it and go straight. Stop talking about money when talking about money, and don’t talk about money when talking about love. If nothing is clear, the temporary balance will be long-term imbalances and contradictions.
    For singles, love and marriage are essentially two things. If there is no love, there must be love first, then marriage; or vice versa, love is cultivated after marriage. These two things can coexist, but they do not have to be related. So you should know your position and needs, especially for those who have reached the marriageable age and have marital needs, you will easily lack understanding of the marriage itself, be too blind, and have problems in marriage Qing performance. Some of the choices you encountered may be just for the result of marriage, but you always go around the issue of love and no love; some people just pursue the irritating feeling of love and have not considered too much reality On the level, physical fit is not suitable. If you lack your own judgment, it is easy to fall into a situation of self-deception and deception in the process of interacting with the opposite sex. Especially around the 15th, 17th, and 19th of the end of this month, the choices you encounter are also difficult to balance between love and marriage (or reality). You do not have to make choices. Compared with the final decision, you It is more important to look at what you are getting (what is the real problem you are facing).

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