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    Maybe some of your experiences this month are like ridiculous comedies, like a New Year’s film, just to give you a relaxed smile, but nothing really left. Even if there are some problems and troubles in the process, there will be a HAPYYENDING. This means that you don’t have to worry too much about anything, and you don’t need to think too hard to solve anything, just experience and experience.
    The overall potential energy is good early this month, and there will also be decisions (decisions) that are more beneficial to families and careers around the 8th. Maybe you will adjust your working hours and free up time for family trips and family gatherings. In any case, the energy of harmony will surround you, and it is easier to obtain a sense of belonging and security for a period of time.
    However, after mid 15th, the plan may not keep up with the changes. A change in a plan may make you feel frustrated. It does not even rule out that things that have been scheduled and determined before cannot be carried out as scheduled. Sudden situations leave you wondering what to do. This may be related to your personal development and future, or it may be related to your personal emotions and private life. No matter what situation you are in, some things can no longer be carried out “step by step.” If you have plans for travel and hiking, then you must also pay attention to changes in flights and itineraries. The beautiful journey you look forward to is likely to turn into a tow and torture, and you will be disappointed.
    Soon after the 17th, pay attention to issues related to interpersonal, cooperative, and intimate relationships. This may bring some dog blood and absurd interaction, like the New Year’s film at the end of the year. It doesn’t make much sense, just a lively picture. And a situation similar to this will continue at least until the end of this month around the 29th.
    At the same time, pay attention to problems related to feelings, pets, and children around the 19th. Maybe you will experience a period of busyness, and your emotional outlook may be subverted. No matter what you say or do, there will always be people who want to deny you and change you. This will confuse you, not knowing whether it is something wrong with you or the rules and dogma of the society are too unreasonable. In short, don’t try to reinforce and express your own opinions and attitudes in front of people, because someone will “preach” you anyway. Instead of responding and dying to the end, it is better to receive it respectfully. You will avoid unnecessary troubles.
    It is not excluded that some of you will also behave in an isolated and isolated way when interacting with teams and departments. There is no need to explain your feelings to the outside world, some explanations are very weak. On the 21st, those who are interpersonal and intimate may be escalated again. Some people look so kind, but it may also be hidden in a smile. Your life and work, as well as your work schedule, are easily disturbed and affected by external personnel. As a result, the regularity is lost. Especially after the 26th, be careful that you are assimilated by undisciplined people and become indulgent.
    In general, you may not have too many important and necessary things to do in this month. Chaotic interpersonal relationships and personnel interactions will bring some interference to your work and life. Some people want to do this for a while, and let it do so for a while. The uncertainty of others will also make it difficult for you to find a certain state. This does not have good or bad directivity, but it will bring you a period of meaningless and inefficient time. After the 17th and the 26th,
    In the case of partial wealth and bonuses, there will be less favorable effects, it is not suitable for financial management and investment, and it will easily lead to excessive expenses. Health, be careful of gastrointestinal, digestive and endocrine problems. Unreasonable eating and rest styles will bring negative effects to your skin and body.
    Emotional Fortune: For those with a partner, after the 15th of this month, be careful of sudden emotional changes. This can easily lead to emotional conflict. Especially after the 19th and 21st, your interaction with your partner will become difficult. Although you will really consider each other, you want to give them more care and care. Excessive investment will bring more confrontation and more annoyance. You know everyone has their own attachment,
    But many times, we ourselves are not easy to see and discover. Relatively speaking, it is easier and more straightforward for us to recognize the attachments and faults of others. Therefore, it is easy for us to try to destroy and change each other’s “negligence” with the kindness of “I am for your good”. Especially in intimate relationships, such goodwill seems to become a requirement for granted. It’s possible that not only will you treat your spouse in this way, your partner will also treat you unconsciously. This is likely to show that the two are obviously considering each other for their selfless dedication for this relationship, but in the end they have turned against each other and have more consideration. The more you care, the easier it is for distance to appear. Whether you are married, are in love, or are in the stage of discussing marriage, from the end of this month to the beginning of February, if there are such problems in your relationship, then such contradictions Essentially related to the personality of both of you. It has no direct relationship with family, house, car, material, etc. Avoiding too much emotional and trifling performance, some arguments are not meaningful.
    For singles, after the 17th, beware of the rotten peach blossoms. Maybe you will easily provoke those who think they are right. You may not directly refuse to save face for the other party. However, the other party may not be aware of it, and may even have a decent performance. This is not to say that you will definitely encounter such a “rogue”, but to avoid staying tangled with meaningless opposite sex. If you have been in an ambiguous relationship or are troubled by old feelings, then there may still be entanglement around the 17th, 21st, and 26th of this month. You may not really happen, but more than just being reconciled to each other. If you really get caught up in such a plot, then this requires you to use more reason and reason to self-regulate, so as not to get caught in the feeling of chaos and unable to control yourself. In the end, it’s just asking for trouble.

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