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    Girl Grandpa Scorpio January 2020: Love Hate Love

    During this month, your feelings of love and hatred are easily magnified. Especially in the latter part of this month, things related to personal exchanges, intimate relationships, and cooperative relationships are likely to cause waves in your life. In this process, it seems difficult to tell right or wrong, good or bad.
    The potential energy at the end of December will continue in the first half of the year, and your mental ideas will become more stable and reliable. Around the 8th, this will also bring a positive side to the cause. The determination or launch of a long-term plan, future plan; the development and promotion of positions will push you to a new level. Although the overall trend is good, you are becoming more and more independent. However, after the 15th of the middle of this month, the appearance of certain obstacles will, on the one hand, cause your inner troubles and troubles; on the other hand, it will also have an adverse effect on your reality.
    Keep an eye on family and real estate related trends. From then on until around the 22nd of this month, it is easy to get into trouble. If you have a plan to purchase, renovate, or trade in real estate, then this may have many obstacles and not go well. It does not exclude that some of you will pay a lot and invest a lot for your family. Even so, your family may not have special appreciation. In short, the family relationship was awkward and delicate. Especially after the 19th, the conflict between career and family, the situation that cannot be balanced between each other, may make you feel tormented and helpless. That kind of misunderstanding can make your heart trouble.
    At the same time, after the 17th comes from interpersonal, work and life, and even health-related conditions frequently. You will be involved in the world for a while and be trapped by the likes and worries of others. In a way, this also means that you will be more likely to be caught in a personnel struggle than at other times. Love is born of hate, or love. No matter what kind of situation you are in, once people’s problems are involved, simple things will become complicated.
    It is also easy to become confused at work because of someone’s influence and someone’s intake. For example, in order to cooperate with a customer or a partner, beyond the scope of their own functions, so that their own affairs have been put down and involved in things that they are not suitable for, good at, or even meaningless. I just have fun with others, but I don’t necessarily gain something. Even if it is related to health, you must be careful to be affected and infected by others, catching cold, catching cold, or upset stomach. It’s like, if someone at the same table eats, it doesn’t matter if others drink alcohol, but if you are allergic to alcohol, then you drink the same amount of alcohol and you will have problems.
    So this is also the time you need to pay attention to the way and scale of interaction with others. Maybe you will also find that when you treat others with sincerity and enthusiasm, what you gain is just kindness. You think everyone is your own person, but others are not so serious. This may not be limited to career cooperation and work interaction, including those ambiguous relationships and close friends, will also have similar performance. After the end of the 21st, you must also be careful that you don’t have a good sense of tolerance, which will lead to emotional over-indulgence and even misunderstanding. Because he would misrepresent his feelings, he fell into his own passion.
    After the late 22nd, those family-related overdrafts and real estate problems that have continued from the middle will tend to ease. After this, the flow of money and funds will also show a positive side.
    Channel relations and the operation of various resources will also become smooth. It’s only after the 26th, until around the 5th and 6th in early February, that it’s very easy for you to show affection. It is not clear what is external, what others show, whether it is true or false, or right or wrong. It is possible that the person you feel “great” now will suddenly make you think “this person is using me and cheating me” after early February. Maybe you have to be careful too. Someone plays an emotional card to show you weakness and show pity for sympathy.
    On the whole, the love and hatred caused by human circumstances will become an important issue this month. And when you get stuck in it, it’s hard to see the truth. Be careful to control your emotions, reason and sensitivity may start a tug of war. On the 17th and the 21st, it is easy to get angry, and endocrine disorders. At the same time, changes in work and life can only be seen clearly after February, which is not suitable for making important decisions.

    Emotional Fortune:

    For those who are with you, the more you hope, the more you will be disappointed. Especially after the late 17th, the excessive concern of both sides will likely become another kind of interruption. In the process, you can easily do wrong things with each other. You obviously want to help each other, but in turn it becomes a problem. If you are talking about marriage, you have a need for marriage. Well, it’s also easier to be troubled when it comes to interacting with your family. The different family backgrounds and living habits of the two parties make it difficult to adapt immediately. Excessive politeness and kindness, in turn, will appear somewhat hypocritical and hypocritical. Especially after the 21st and 26th, you will easily be in class
    It seems that there is endless debate over such “true” and “fake” things. It is not even ruled out that some of you will encounter good faith lies. Whether you’re a scammer or a scammer, trust in your relationship is tested. If there are other potential peach blossoms and ambiguous relationships around you, then you may also “take advantage of the situation” later this month, leaving you confused and not knowing how to choose and how to respond.
    For singles, maybe you will feel a surge in peach blossoms later this month, somehow you will meet a new opposite sex, or you will reunite with some old knowledge for a long time. This process may still be happy and enjoyable, but don’t keep expectations too high. Whether it is true or false, you still can’t see clearly. Even beware of temptations such as one-night stand. Especially around the late 17th, 21st, and 26th, it is not ruled out that some people approaching you (or that you are approaching someone) has a sexual purpose in itself, and in any case develop and enter into a relationship too quickly, They are impulsive and dangerous. Even for people who do n’t have similar problems, you need to slowly
    To understand the opposite sex you ’ve been in contact with this month, whether you know it through a blind date, or someone has offered to make an offer to you, you need to know more about it. Take for granted “attitude. If you can’t see the inner heart directly through the external performance of the other person, then it is necessary to gradually build a sense of trust through skillful interaction, sincere contact and understanding.

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