January 2020 Virgo Horoscope by Girl Grandpa: Chaos

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    This is a month when you can easily get into chaos because of disorder. In fact, this is true for most people, not your “only”. It is just that your own tolerance for disorder and chaos will be relatively low, and you will feel a lot of discomfort. Especially in terms of money and material, unreasonable or excessive expenses will bring you unnecessary trouble.
    Earlier this month, this situation will not be obvious. Around the 8th, your word of mouth and talent will get good feedback. If you go to expand the channels, integrate into the team, marketing and marketing needs, then there will be good performance during this period. Relatively speaking, everything is under control. However, after the 15th of this month, the progress of work and career is easily interrupted. And this will cause you some trouble. No matter how you arrange and adjust, you will encounter loopholes like this and that. Some things cannot be changed with your efforts. It does not exclude that some of you will also be trapped in matters related to after-sales, complaints, and disputes.
    Soon on the 17th, pay attention to the trouble of money and funds. On the one hand, it will bring the possibility of big in and big out, such as bills, debt settlement, etc., so that you cannot keep money. On the other hand, it will face problems of rationality and excessiveness. For example, things that could have been done for 10 dollars can now be solved with 20 dollars. Whether it is necessary or unnecessary, you will find it difficult to save.
    On the 19th, the difficulty in work and life escalated. You may feel that what you are doing now does not make much sense, it is difficult to get paid for it, and it may even make you feel depressed. The potential energy in health will also be slightly depressed, and it is easier to feel weak and weak, and not interested in anything. A situation similar to this will last at least around the end of the 29th.
    On the 21st to 22nd, the obstacles to the work that continued in the middle of the period have eased. However, in terms of interpersonal, cooperative, and intimate relationships, problems are easily exposed. Especially in matters related to business dealings, interests and debts, and capital operations with others, be careful to lose money and be deceived. Especially around the 26th, the situation of spending money for others and spending money for others surged. Presents an uncontrollable situation in money. Such situations will continue until around 5-6 early February.
    In general, things are many and complicated, and a month of order cannot be structured. Expenditure on money has skyrocketed, and it doesn’t rule out that some of you may be able to use the old. It is also difficult to be efficient in work and career. Don’t worry about making decisions and planning in the middle of the month. Instead, follow the wave and wait for the chaos to calm down. If you have plans to change jobs, change jobs, etc., I suggest you wait until February.
    Emotional fortune: For those with a partner, financial overdrafts later this month have brought a financial strain. And this will take up a lot of your energy, and you have no emotional time to take care of it. Especially after the 21st, pay attention to the financial and financial interaction with the other half. This is likely to be more and more helpful. Whether you are married or in love, you are even in the stage of talking about marriage. From late this month until early February, it’s easy for you and your partner to have material peels. You spend money or money because of the other person, or the other person incurs unnecessary expenses because of you. In short, this is “your, mine” time that’s hard to tell. Maybe there is not much problem in the emotional basis and emotional interaction between two people, but it is easy to get stuck on the issue of money. In a way, this is probably the time when you need to share your hardships. There is no need to rush to avoid responsibility. In fact, two people are one, just like the short board effect. No matter who is at fault, there will be hidden dangers as long as the problem exists. Rather than thinking about each other and debating each other, some things are more suitable for two people to bear together. Avoid excessive blame and complaints in the relationship, this is just a vent of emotions but does not solve the real problem.
    For singles, the stars gather in your 5th house of affections during this month. This may allow you to give feelings too many specific meanings, specific requirements. Being too serious about your relationships will also raise your bar. In a way, this also means that you will be more resistant to loneliness. Will not easily start a relationship and start a relationship because of loneliness, boredom, etc. If you were in an ambiguous relationship before, you will think a lot and observe a lot during this month. Especially after the end of the 15th of this month, you are likely to have no time for performance. And on the 21st and 26th, be careful when interacting with someone
    In the process, there is too much such as sympathy and emotion. Even if you know it’s not suitable for someone, you can’t bear to refuse, and such a relationship may wear down and drag you down. In short, excessive weakness and compassion can easily make you suffer in your interactions with others.

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