Four Types of tea and Your inner Feng Shui

There are four plus one elements based on Wu Xing Theory.They are: water,wood,fire,metal,and earth. The earth element is actually a support for the other four elements. Everyone is born with karma from past lives.So according to the natal chart of Bazi,there is at least one element that you lack or is needed.
Generally speaking,people born in spring need metal to keep their body balanced,for wood is too much in spring .Those born in summer need water because the main rhythm of summer is fire. And so forth.
So black tea(origined in Anhua,Hunan Province) helps support the kidney and is good for people who lack water,for the color black represents water in Wu Xing Theory.
Green tea helps support the liver and blood.
White tea(origined in Fujian Province) helps support the lung,and is good for people who lack metal.
Red tea helps support the heart and stomach,and is good for people who lack fire and earth.

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