How to Defuse Disaster Caused by Hard Angle in Western Astrology

The hard angle in western astrology is an challenging thing for a man in life.I myself also have hard angles in my natal chart.

I was told that there seems to be no cure to the pain. I searched so many books and on the internet about western astrology to find the answer,but nothing was found.They only told me it was karma.

But as an experienced expert of I Ching,I assure you that everything has a solution.So is the hard angle.Here is the solution.

For instance,the most impactive hard angle is the Pluto with the inner planet.

As you all know,Pluto symbolizes heritage,so a man with these hard angles may have trouble with his genital system.

And how to defuse the problem depends on the person,for everyone is different.The Chinese has developed a systematical theory to solve trouble in life,rather than just predict things.With the help of Feng Shui,Bazi,I can conclude that the problem is no problem at all.



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