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 Determination of the Ten Gods and what the Ten Gods represents In Bazi Chart

Guzheng: As I said before, there are two sets of symbols in the four-pillars of destiny, which is something we must  be familiar with. The first set of symbols is the ten heavenly signs and 12 earthly signs of twenty-two words; the second set of symbols is the ten gods. Twenty-two heavenly and earthly signs are like some single natural people. Through mutual relationships, they form friends, teachers, students, husbands and wives, fathers and sons, and enemies. These kinds of relationships are reflected in the numerology, that is, the ten gods relationship. It is the symbol of all kinds of personnel relations.

The so-called “ten gods” refers to the

  • Friend
  • Temporary Friend
  • Indirect Resource
  • Direct Resource
  • Direct Officer
  • 7 Killings
  • Direct Wealth
  • Indirect Wealth
  • Eating God
  • Hurting Officer

How did the “ten gods” come from? It was derived from the relationship between the five elements. After memorizing this kind of “check” or “back” relationships, you can assemble the Ten Gods.”Check” refers to the concept of the five elements sequentially overpowering each other, which is also described as “the five elements, each in turn checking the next”. The term “five elements” refers to five basic material elements, namely: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. According to this concept, water checks fire, fire checks metal; metal checks wood; wood checks earth; and earth checks water.

Whatever  “check me” or check the heavenly stem of the day pillar is the Direct Officer. Among them, the same Yin or Yang  property  as me or heavenly stem of the day pillar  are partial officer star, also called, “Seven Killings“; The opposite  Yin and Yang nature of me in are Direct Officer. If the day pillar stem is Jia ( 甲  1st heavenly stem,Yang Wood) , then the Geng Shen(庚申 7th heavenly stem,with 9th earthly branches,Yang Gold) and Xin You(辛酉 8th heavenly stem,with 10th earthly branches,Yin Gold ) are  the 7 Killings and Direct Officers. Among them, Geng Shen and I are of the same nature, and they are partial officers; Xin Jin and I are of  the opposite nature. If heavenly stem of the day pillar is Yi( 乙2nd heavenly stem,Yin Wood) on the contrary, Geng Shen is the Direct Officer, and Xin  You is the 7 killings.

Anyone that “I check” is  Wealth star. Among them, the same Yin or Yang  nature as me or heavenly stem of the day pillar are Indirect Wealth; those who are of opposite nature as me are Direct Wealth. For example, if the Day Stem is a Ding (丁 4th heavenly stem,Yin Fire), then the Geng Xin(庚辛)  Xin You(辛酉)  are the Wealth Star. Among them, Geng Shen (庚辛) are of the opposte nature as “me” are Direct Wealth, Xin You (辛酉) are of the same nature are Indirect Wealth.

Anyone who backs “me” is  Resource Star. Among them, the one of the same nature as me is Indirect Resource, the one of the opposite nature as me is the Direct Resource. For example, if the day stem is a earth element heavenly stem(namely 戊 5th or 己 6th), the fire heavenly stem, which backs earth day stem, is a  Resource star, and the same nature as me is a Indirect Resource,And vice versa.

Anyone who “I” back is  Eating God or Hurting Officer. Among them, the same nature as me is the Eating God , and the one with the opposite Yin or Yang nature is the Hurting Officer. If the Day Stem is Geng (庚 7th,Gold), then the water element in the Geng Haizi that I back to Geng Jin is  Eating God or Hurting Officer. Among them, Yu Hai is an Eating God, and a scorpion is  Hurting Officer. If the  is day stem is Xin Jin, then Yu Hai is a wounded official, and the nephew is a god of food.

Anyone who is “with me” is Friend or Temporary Friend. Among them, The one with the same nature as the day stem is called Friend , and the same property earth branches  is also  called body(禄) ; and the opposite nature as me  is the Temporary Friend, and earth branches also called the Yang Blade. If the Day stem a water element, then the same water element stem and branches as me are Friends or Temporary Friends,Such as Ren(壬 9th stem)Gui(癸,10th stem) Hai(亥,pig,12th Earthly branch)Zi(子,mouse,1st branch) which is the same as the same as the same as the sea, and the nephew of my opposite sex is a

  • Temporary Friend

. If the day stem is Gui(癸), then the Ren(壬) and Hai(亥) is  Temporary Friend star, and the Gui(癸) and Zi(子) is Friend star.

After understanding the formation mechanism of the Ten Gods, we can assemble them into the life and the Universiade. For example, the female life born at noon on the eighth day of the first month of 1990, the assembly of the eight-character  and ten gods and the ten gods dominating the 10-year-cycle luck is like this:

  比肩 偏印 日元 伤官

  己 丁 己 庚

  巳 丑 亥 午

  丙        庚    戊    己    癸   辛   甲     壬       午         己

  正印伤官劫财 比肩偏财食神 正官正财 偏印比肩

The official seal of the wounded robbed the money, the shoulders of the fortune, the fortune, the official, the fortune

0 years old 10 years old 20 years old 30 years old 40 years old 50 years old 60 years old

Temporary Friend, the official, the seven shoulders, the wounded, the Temporary Friend

, the god of food, the seal of the gods, the partiality of the money, the partiality of the money, the shoulders of the government, the god of food

After being familiar with the assembly method of the Ten Gods, in order to save time, you can hide the hidden and not installed, and simplify the title of the Ten Gods, the officer is referred to as “Officer”, the Indirect officer is referred to as ” Seven Killing”, and the short name is “finance”. The abbreviation of “finance” is abbreviated as “print”, the abbreviation is referred to as “枭” or “卩”, the food god is referred to as “food”, the injured official is referred to as “injury”, and the abbreviation is referred to as “ratio”. It will be convenient and faster.

At this point, the preparation for the calculation of the eight characters has been basically in place. What I have to learn in the future is how to interpret the eight characters. When the eight words are discharged, it seems that some of them are Resources and Eating God, and they are silently facing us, silently. In fact, it is just like what we know and what it is like. A natal chart is a stack of pictures, which is a story(about life). Each word contains four factors: image-ology, numerology, reasoning, and meaning. Each word contains images of objects and related figures, as well as the meaning of the five elements and related meanings. If we understand the meaning of the Ten Gods, then we have taken the first step in interpreting the eight characters!

Xia Wen: Let me say, what are the meanings of the Ten Gods?

Gu Zheng: Let me talk about the meaning and image meaning of the Direct Officer and Seven Killings. The Direct Officer and Seven Killings is the check of “me”, they govern me, “officials” also. Represents everything that governs me, such as father, boss, boss, leader, bureaucracy, government, policy, law, regulation, discipline, system, convention, order, responsibility, education, task, burden, pressure, taboo, power of control, Management ability, the main official department, the regulatory department, the arbitration department, etc., are all represented by the Officer.

In terms of “six relatives”,or relatives of me, the Direct Officer and Seven Killings represents the daughter, a grandmother, a nephew or niece on a male natal chart; a husband, a brother-in-law, a brother-in-law on a woman natal chart.

In terms of characteristics, when the Officer is “needed”  and not “damaged” in the chart, it is characterized by honor, self-respect, self-discipline, self-control, self-improvement, obedience and obedience, enthusiasm for service, treating others with respect and justice, doing things seriously, beinghave in a correct manner, behave in a decent manner; When the Officer is not “needed” , the “performance” is dull and conservative, timid and fearful, indecisive, lack of creativity, self-repression, self-sacrifice, coveted name, sympathetic and so on.

In terms of behavior, the Officer represents military service, promotion, promotion, reuse, participation in management, expansion of power, gaining honor and status, taking examinations, participating in elections, publishing political achievements, accepting tasks, taking responsibility, organizing order, and engaging in political activities. Restricted by the name, because of the name of the body, because of the name of the bankruptcy, factor females break the wealth, because the husband broke the money and so on. Compared with the Seven Killing, the Officer is because of the opposite nature as the Day Stem, so the strength is slightly lighter. For example, parents discipline their children, teachers constrain students, and have the role of promoting goodness.

Seven killing is not the same, and the day stem is of same nature as it, so the strength is very heavy, such as the tyrant to treat the people, the army to treat the prisoners, there is  even a murder. Therefore, the ancients regarded the seven Killing as tigers, and it was necessary to get rid of them. Seven killing mean everything that is violent and forces me to control me, such as robbers, robbers, traitors, villains, thugs, murderers, dangerous people, terrorists, evil forces, harsh elders, harsh bosses, bosses, bosses, Cruel bureaucrats, military and police judicial personnel, martial arts athletes, viper beasts, severe frosts, natural disasters, harsh environments, violent devices, strong control forces, deterrents and related institutions, as well as punishment, punishment, sniper, scolding, ill-treatment, defamatory , framed, devastated, raped, slaughtered, ill, wounded, painful, etc., are all represented by seven kills.

In terms of “six relatives”, the seven killings represent the son of a male natal chart, the brother-in-law, the brother-in-law, the nephew; the lover of the woman natal chart and the husband, the grandmother, the sister of the husband, and so on.

In the characteristic, when the seven killings are needed in the chart and  are powerful, they are characterized by spirit,courage, ambition, domineering, murderous, courageous, witty, alert, suspicious, temperament, eagerness, greed When the seven killing are not needed and but strong in the chart, they are characterized by scheming, falsehood, ambiguity, sorrow, timidity, ideological sorrow, and apathy.

In terms of behavior, the seven killings are performed in military service, military service, military training, participation in war, fighting, violence, martial arts, natural disasters, intimidation, being attacked, intimidated, raped, deceived, invaded by others, and suffering from malaria. He was severely criticized, under strong control, and under pressure from work, because his children broke the money and plagued the disaster, because the lover broke the money and got into trouble, because the wine was sick and so on.

The role of Officer and Seven Killing is to back Resource Stars, squander the Wealth Stars, restrain the Day Stem  and Friend Stars.

The good side of the official killing is the goodwill and status benefits. The official is the black silk cap, which is the Grand Medal, which is the gold trophy, which is the red award. Official killing can bind people, give people a certain pressure, and keep people moving forward. As the saying goes, “Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards”, this rule is the Officer and Seven Killing; “Jade does not mean that it is not a device, and wood does not mean it.” This “琢” and “斫” is the Officer and Seven Killing. If there is no Officer and Seven Killing,it is just like there is no law in the country, there is no system in the factory, there is no rule in the game, and people have no self-control, and everything will be free and empty.

The official side of the killing is that the person’s life is led by the reins of the reputation, not to be free, so-called “name and profit lock”. In order to have a false name to make the world respectful, to be faithful to the loyalty, to fulfill the filial piety, to do the best, to do the best, to do the best, to do the best, this “name”, I do not know how many innocent people died. The subjects, how many men and women are ruined, how many young bodies are tired. People pursued fame, originally to live a good life, which knows that it has become a slave and victim of this fame. The rules bind people’s minds, the law obscures people’s nature, the system makes people become more and more mechanical, and the order makes people become more and more stupid. In order to keep the black hat, “low eyebrows are expensive”; in order to win the medal “One will make a thousand bones dry”; Xin Qiji’s poem says: “But the king of the world, winning the name of the body before and after the birth, poor white happens!” In order to gain fame, people really sacrificed everything. In fact, the official murder became a shackle on the item, and became a whips on the back. It became a tight spell on the head and became the iron chain under the foot.

Hao Xue: Yes, things are both good and bad. Can you give a few examples to illustrate the meaning of official killing?

Gu Zheng: Oh, let’s slow down now. Because the ten gods in the eight characters are not isolated, each god has such a relationship with other gods. If they are taken apart, the resulting images will inevitably be incomplete or It is distorted. Therefore, let me talk about it later when I explain the meaning of the relationship between the ten gods. Some people say that if there is no official star in the eight characters, they will not be an official. The female life will not have a husband. This is to treat the ten gods in isolation. They don’t know that there are also sayings in the book of life that “the god of food has the temper to win the financial officer” and “the treasury can be a self-sufficient official”, which means that although there is no official star, there will be officials and husbands. Besides, with the official star, it may not be an official. I know a poor old farmer, and there are so-called money, officials, and Indians.

Hao Xue: This is the case. I also think that if you make a fortune, you will get rich. If you say this, you may still be poor when you are lucky.

Gu Zheng: That’s right. Some people are still ruining when they are lucky, their wives are scattered, and they even play with their lives!

Xia Wen: Where do you want to go to make a fortune?

Gu Zheng: This should be based on each specific life, and cannot be generalized.

Xia Wen: Oh, then let’s talk about it.

Gu Zheng: Now let’s talk about the image of the rich star. Direct Wealth is the thing of my gram, indicating everything that I use and control. Such as his own body, property, money, salary, goods, goods, supplies, consumer goods, food, playthings, resources, capital, tools, jewelry, debt, financial burden, employment, subordinate employees, financial personnel, financial workers, financial department The materials department, the financing department, etc. are all represented by Direct Wealth.

In terms of six parents, Direct Wealth represents the wife of a man, aunt, a nephew, a sister, a father of a woman, an uncle, an uncle, and so on.

In the mind, when the positive fortune is not damaged, it is manifested as hardworking and pragmatic, simple and frugal, abiding by the duty, not making the mind, distinguishing right from wrong, fairness and justice; when the fortune is bogey and without law, it is manifested as secular, greedy,mean…

In behavior, it is expressed as satisfying desire, indulgence of lust, obtaining property, spending money on shopping, bribery, greed, buying a bureaucrat, arguing on marriage, indulging in sensuality, financial affairs, financial disasters, financial losses Name, because of financial illness, because of parents breaking money and so on. Partial wealth is roughly the same as Direct Wealth. It is also everything that I use and control for me. Because of the different yin and yang properties, partial wealth represents other extra, additional, unexpected things, such as female lovers, traders, entrepreneurs, Speculators, public payers, fundraisers, loan sharks, public property, speculative property, unjust property, possessed property, gambling property, winning property, additional salaries and bonuses, public consumer goods, Additional subordinate employees, additional people, money, things, etc., are all expressed in partial wealth.

In terms of six parents, the partial wealth represents the father of a man, the uncle, the ex-wife, the little sister; the aunt of the woman, the mother-in-law, the nephew, the sister-in-law. In the mind, when the financial is happy but not damaged, it is generous, savvy, resourceful, sinister, light, helpful, good-natured, active, sociable, good at speculation, and simple and neat. I like to be in one step, sexually impulsive; when the financial is taboo and unemployed, it is characterized by squandering, extravagance and waste, frivolous frivolity, greed for greed, indulgence of lust, mad gambling, playing with emotions, falsehood, cynicism, etc. Wait.

In terms of behavior, partial wealth is manifested in the pursuit of unexpected property, speculative business, convergence of public wealth, management of public property, consumption of public funds, purchase of additional items, search for remote resources, consumption of non-staple food, hunting of exotic treasures, eating seafood and seafood , hire extra hires, spend a lot of money, over-loan, emotional derailment, due to financial abandonment, financial trouble, because parents break the money and so on.

The role of the Fortune Star is to kill the students, to squander food, and to seal the stars.

The good side of the Fortune Star is the benefit of having money. The blind man sees the money and opens his eyes. The blind man sees the money and stands up. So many people are busy all day on the street. Why is it for money? The official name is the name, and the wealth is profitable. This financial officer is the name and benefit! The fortune star is a colorful banknote, which is the wife of the wife, the wine lamb. The fortune is the material desire of human beings. When people have material desires, they will pursue their pursuits. Only when they are willing to sleep in the middle of the night, “there will be brave men under the reward,” “Man is a fortune, and a bird is a food and death.” The fierce lion, the majestic elephant, the reason why he followed the baton of the animal trainer is not to get food. Therefore, the biggest advantage of Fortune Star is to induce people to pursue a better life and satisfy their own material desires, thus inspiring people’s vitality and enthusiasm, and even vitality and creativity.

The bad side of the Fortune Star is the negative effect of  money. Money can support people, and it can kill people. If money can glorify people, it can also humiliate people; money can stimulate your vitality, and it can also ruin your mind. If you want to make a lot of money, you have to eat a lot of bitterness. “One minute on the stage, ten years of work off the stage.” You have to smash your eyebrows for the five buckets of rice. You have to listen to people for a little salary. You have to throw your wife for profit. You even steal and rob for money, go to greed, and ask for it. Go to the deception, go to drug trafficking, go to sell, go to life! Hey, we originally wanted to control the property. In the end, we were controlled by the property. The money became a big burden on our backs, a burden on our shoulders, a cocaine in life, and a big quagmire in life.

Xia Wen: Thus,money is really a nightmare that life can never get rid of!

Gu Zheng: The image of Yin Xing. It is printed as a living thing. It can both raise me and decorate me. Therefore, everything that raises me, shelters me, and adorns me is expressed by the Indian stars. Such as mother, teacher, master, guardian, asylum, family, school, motherland, organization, field, house, unit, factory, shop, boat, coat, bed, camp, knowledge, books, technology, academic, art, Articles, diplomas, documents,

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