Lo shu Square and Feng Shui Geomancy


As you can see from the picture above, a Lo Shu Square is a 3×3 magic square. The idea is quite simple. But what I want to show you is that how it has been used in  Feng Shui, and why it is  so important in Feng Shui and some related issues.

The Lo Shu Square has 9 houses, 8 in the surrounding houses and 1 in the middle.

Well, the 8 are from Bagua, the trigram, and the middle one, is also origined from the I Ching. Let me explain.

If you consider all of the 8 house as “yang”,the middle one is “yin”. Without “yin”, “yang” is not whole. So this is the reason why people in ancient China used 9 houses instead of 8 houses. And it became a 3×3 magic square.

And why is it a 3×3 magic square that the sum of  every 3 digits in a line are equal? It is because everything you see exists here in a delicate balance. It’s just an instance of the “yin” and “yang” theory.

In Feng Shui Geomancy,every 180 years is a cycle,and this big cycle is dividened into 9 parts,that is,20 years.And the Chinese fill in the 9 blanks of the square with a 20-year-cycle for each one to predict things. In fact, prediction is not that simple. But generally speaking, the fortune or luck won’t change too much during 2,004 to 2023, which is a 20-year cycle.But things will be quite different after that.So judging whether a house is lucky or not also depends on the time.

And why it is 180 years?

Well, to be frank, it is still quite unclear why ancient Chinese uses 180 years as a big cycle.But what seem to be a clue is that the two biggest planet in solar system is Jupiter and Saturn. And a Jupiter-Saturn cycle is approximately 20 years. This is just a hypothesis of me.But the ancient Chinese must have their own way of understanding of astronomy,and their knowledge is as good as ,if not better than,ours.


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