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How to Lower the Milk Tea Calories

Milk tea is actually made with black tea. Since it is sweet, the milk tea calories is not too low. Therefore, for those who want to reduce the milk tea calories(a cup of milk tea contains around 240 calories), there is actually a very simple method for reference.
I believe that homemade tea is easy – put a black tea bag into the water to soak, then add milk and sugar.
But there are some things that can be optimized.

The first thing to optimize is the type of black tea

In fact, Oolong tea is not strictly black tea. Oolong tea is a slightly fermented tea. For this reason, Oolong tea has the effect of degrading fat,while calories in tea itself without sugar and other ingredients is very low in most cases.Not all oolong tea can make milk tea. Roasted oolong tea has a kind of scent that can be matched with milk.

Second,Optimize the sugar

Use xylitol instead of sugar to lower milk tea calories is the best and most efficient way.
The traditional process of using rock sugar or brown sugar is better than pure white sugar, but the effect is of course worse than xylitol,but the costs is low.

Third,optimize the milk or milk powder

The word calories can be clearly seen on the milk packaging, so you can pick the desired variety yourself.

Finally, the temperature of the milk tea.

Add ice cubes and place them in an open, preferably metal, container to keep them cool. Too hot tea can cause gastrointestinal heat, of course.

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