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When the Moon Hasn’t Been Full

In ancient times, full moon means something that reaches a culmination.So in astrology, full moon means the time when something is accomplished and you can eventually see its clear face.

In the lunar calender ,each first day of one month you would be able to see a new moon, and you would be able to see a full moon each middle day of that month. The Mid-autumn Festival is the day when you can see the biggest full moon of an year. It’s a day of “harvest”.

The meaning of full moon is various.

First, when something goes to a culmination, a lot things are no longer needed.It’s quite true for most things.

When you set up your mind to do something,you will need o a lot of new things s,new tools,you meet new friends, but when your goal is achieved, these things are no longer required. In some cases YOU are also not needed.

So in the full moon, a MUST become NOT MUST.

We enjoy a time when we grow together, when we share happinesses and sorrows together,as if it would never end.

In Qing Dynasty,  a prime minister Zeng Guofan wrote a poem,it says

It’s the best time,

when the flower hasn’t blossomed

and  when the moon hasn’t been full.

He knew the reality that once the moon becomes full, it would soon become not round.

Time passes by quickly,Just like the moon.Our parents hope us never grow up so they can feed and protect us. The young lovers hope their romance last forever but once they get married, they will face a lot of different things. The Student hopes  they never graduate so their friendship in the ivory tower can ever-last. But it is not reality.

The reality is things are always changing.

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