new way to remove crow's feet

A New Way to Remove and Prevent Crow’s Feet

As you grow by age,crow’s feet shows up,which implies your secret.Then a lot of ladies look to expensive cosmetics for help.But with little luck.Here is another way of removing these wrinckles which is much easier than you can imagine.There are many people who still don’t have these wrinckles when they are 50.So different people have different characteristics and,what can we learn from their body?

Surely their body are functioning much better than yours,but what I want to show you is why and where-in details.The corner of your eye is the place where the Gallbladder Meridian and Triple Energizer Meridian meet. If you keep on knocking these two meridians around 5 minutes a day for a month,you will see great improvement.Plus, empty genre acupoint is an important acupoint that helps removing and preventing these wrinckles of your crow’s feet.So you should mass this point normally.



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