Song Lyrics in Paintings

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This book has  contained 113 beautiful lyrics in Song dynasty.
lyrics are literature.When I first get to know Bob Dylan,the man who get a Nobel Prize for its lyrics
,it is a song called Blowing in the Wind.
Today there are also singers inspired by ancient lyrics,Like popular Phoenix Legend Band.One of their songs is Above the Moon as shown below.

I am looking up above the moon
How many dreams are flying freely?
Forgotten yesterday, the wind has dried up
I want to reunite with you on the vast road.
Life has been towed
It is a paradise,as long as you are there.

Who is calling, affectionately
Let my cravings float like white clouds
East Wrangler
Hot love songs sang to dawn
After the vicissitudes of the sun and the moon, who are you next to?
With a gentle eye, let the night smash

The rhythm sounded, and the imagination was shaken.
Let the swaying body begin to think
Matouqin melodious
My love runs on the Hulun Buir grassland

OH, your smile, let me find the last faith.
Beautiful moon, you make the neon light and dull

This book contains many famous classics, among which is Su Tungpo’s Riverside Daffodils Returning to Lingao by Night

Drinking at Eastern Slope by night,
I sober, then get drunk again.
When I come back, it seems to be mid-night.
I hear the thunder of my houseboy’s snore,
I knock but none answers the door,
What can I do but, leaning on my cane,
Listen to the river’s refrain?
I long regret I am not master of my own,
When can I ignore the hums of up and down?
In the still night the soft winds quiver On the ripples of the river.
From now on, I would vanish with my little boat,
For the rest of my life, on the sea I would float.

Riverside Daffodils Returning to Lingao by Night

Su Tung Po

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