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Our Simple Love -by Jay Chou & Vincent Fang

I can’t say why, I became very active
If you fall in love with someone
Anything will be worth doing
I want to announce aloud to you that
I’m so reluctant to you
even the neighbor next door has guessed my feelings
The wind on the river is blowing in the hair
Holding your hand, I’m so touched
I want to take you back to my grandmother’s house
Watching the sunset together, till we are both asleep
I want to hold your hand like this and don’t let go
Could love be as simple as this forever
Pure and no sorrow
I want to take you on a bicycle
I want to watch baseball with you
Just like this,singing and walking to the sweet future without worries
You lean on my shoulder
You are asleep on my chest
Life’s like this
I love you, you love me
I want to be simple and simple
I want to be simple as simple
I want to be simple by simple

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