Some Words About Depressive Disorder

Many people have been troubled by depression.Well, the Chinese understanding about depressive disorder is unique.

If you always feel seriously blue,there must be trouble with your liver.So is it with your eyes.
The theory that the condition of your liver and the condition of your eyes are somewhat related has lasted thousands of years,if you truly want to check whether it is true,then look it up. Maybe when someone feel deeply depressive,and the eyes will also not be functioning well.It’s better to go to see an eye doctor while curing depressive disorder at the same time.Things will be much easier by following my advice.

It’s also important to note that spring is the most likely season when Depressive Disorder may happen. Let me explain  in Chinese philosophy. In spring, your liver is active,especially during Feb 4 to Apr 5. In this 2 months,The Chinese are taking care of there livers in traditional ways by drinking tea or having some food that is good for their liver. In this way, they are less likely to get depressed, as long as the liver  is functioning well.

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