Taoism Founder Zhang San Feng

Taoism Founder-You don’t need to have muscles

In martial arts, many of the Taoist priests we see are as handsome or even as weak
scholars.A guest in a three-person television show said that when he was young, he wanted to
join the underworld, and then he was rejected. The reason is that he is too weak. This is an insult
to him, so that after he became famous, he still went to practice boxing.

Zhang Sanfeng, founder of Taoism

In fact, Zhang Sanfeng also has the same experience. Everyone is a product of the environment.
In the movie Taiji, Zhang Sanfeng is also forced by reality, and eventually develops into a trick,
which is the highest realm of Promise and Taiji. A real Tai Chi Master.
So people with muscles are going to practice boxing, and people without muscles are going to
practice Tai Chi. I am not very procient in Tai Chi, but as an I Ching expert,I know these things are actually the same. We need to take advantage of the opponent. Then in the boxing, the opponent’s
advantage will also become a disadvantage.

Taoism beliefs and practices

Pascal once said that Man is a reed that thinks. The fundamental difference between humans
and animals is that people’s intelligence is higher than animals, which is the fundamental reason
why people can eventually defeat animals. And those who have only strength and no brain, are
they not animals?Although the cold weapons are now outdated, learning Tai Chi is still a way of
self-defense, especially for the weak. Because Tai Chi has an important meaning to be
soft.However, if you want to learn Tai Chi with me, you should learn something else rst.
Becauseeven people who teach Tai Chi are only teaching you some fur knowledge, you may be
disappointed. However, there are some things that inherit the culture of the millennium. If Tai Chi
is, then it is a classic. As an outsider, it is difficult for you to learn. But for a person who is procient in yin and yang and Trigram, for example, me,it is very easy.

How long has Zhang Sanfeng lived?

For Zhang Sanfeng’s death year, Jin Yong did not conduct research, but according to “Ming History Fang Biography”, Zhang Sanfeng met with the Ming Dynasty’s Qi Xianwang in 1391 AD. Therefore, Zhang Sanfeng lived at least 145 years old, far exceeding the life expectancy of the average person at that time. Although it looks incredible, it is not impossible. According to Jin Yong’s research, there was a female martial artist in the Northern Song Dynasty. At the age of 96, she looked like a young girl, and was called “Girl Grandpa from TianShan Mountain” by the people at that time.

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