Want to get away from being single? Learn “Peach Blossom Array”!

Nowadays, there are more and more men and women left single.but in fact, many young people are not unwilling to be in relationships, but there are few suitable opposite sexes around them. What exactly is blocking our luck? How can we urge the peach blossoms and establish good relationships? Today I will tell you one by one.

First, irrational feng shui at home has hindered your peach blossoms and broken your marriage.
Each residence has a fixed peach blossom position. Singles who find the right peach blossom position can naturally increase their peach blossoms and find the ideal half. If the peach blossom is not used properly, it will affect its own peach blossom transportation. To find a home peach blossom, look in the direction of the door:
The door opens to the west, and the peach blossom is located in the southeast;
The door opens in the northwest, and the peach blossom is located in the north.
The door opens to the north, and the peach blossom is in the northwest.
The door opens in the northeast and the peach blossom is located in the east.
The door opens in the east, and the peach blossom is in the northeast.
The door opens in the southeast, the peach blossom is in the west position;
The door is opened in the south, and the peach blossom is in the southwest.
The door opened in the southwest, and the peach blossom was located in the south.
Second, if the peach blossom position of the zodiac is not used well, it will also affect its peach blossom transportation.
Zodiac rat, monkey, dragon, these three zodiac peach blossoms are located in the west.
The zodiac tiger, horse, and dog. The peach blossoms of the three zodiac signs are in the east.
Zodiac snake, chicken, cow, these three zodiac peach blossoms are located in the south.
Zodiac pig, rabbit, and sheep. The peach blossoms of these three zodiac signs are located just north.
Third, is it right to find the right marriage peach and use it properly?
Regarding the method of recruiting peach blossoms according to numerology, the method of urging peach blossoms is more complicated, but it is also the most direct and effective. It only requires teachers who specialize in numerology to clear the eight-character layout to find their own peach blossom position based on comprehensive information.
Aiming at the above several methods for finding the peach blossom position, it can be comprehensively and flexibly used, for example, the home peach blossom position is a dead corner or a toilet at home. When it is not feasible to implement, then you can choose the zodiac peach blossom position. The results measured according to different methods are different, but they are all beneficial to me. This is why it is recommended to arrange more pink items at home instead of limiting them to the peach position.
Having identified the peach blossom position, in what way can you promote peach blossom to increase the opposite sex? First, keep the peach blossoms clean and tidy without debris. If the peach blossoms are cluttered, it is easy to be emotionally confused. You can also put a vase of corresponding color on your peach blossom at home. The vase is filled with clear water, which must be changed frequently. You can also insert a flower in the vase, which can be a peach, rose or lily
flower. The color of the vase is determined by the position of the peach blossom. Eastern and southeast woods can be used in green and blue vases; southern fires can be used in red and purple vases; northern waters can be used in blue and black The main vase; the west and northwest are gold, you can use white and gold vases; the southwest and northeast are territorial, you can use yellow and brown vases. Or you can put a pot of plants in the peach blossom position. It is not advisable to place more pots. One pot is enough. The plants should be watered frequently and replaced in time before they dry up.
If the numerology of the five elements avoids wood, and it is not suitable to place plants that belong to the wood, then you can place a crystal ball. The pink crystal ball is the main peach flower. In addition, you can also place a red thread on the peach blossom to promote peach blossoms.
Reminder: In fact, peach blossom is a kind of fate, congenital is doomed to account for half, the day after tomorrow is created to account for half, if congenital is doomed to have fate, but not well grasped, fate will slip away, if congenital fate is shallow but things are still artificial, know how to grasp Timing and business will be sweet and happy.

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