i wei dou shu stars interpret

Zi Wei Dou Shu Stars Interpret

Zi Wei Dou Shu Stars is one of the traditional five arts.  There are twelve earthly branches representing the twelve palace, which combines the Bagua and the flying star, so interpreting it accurately requires professional knowledge.

Although the Zi Wei Dou Shu stars originated in mainland China, it became very popuplar in Taiwan, especially after the introduction of Western astrology. Therefore, the current analysis of the Zi wei dou Shu also incorporates some knowledge and ideas of Western astrology.
We still use the most traditional Chinese philosophy – Bagua, flying stars – to explain your personal  chart, including the natal chart, the annual chart. It also refers to the popular methods in Taiwan in recent decades. Because our profession is excellent, the accuracy is very high.please note that NOT everyone who has an knowledge of Zi Wei Dou Shu or uses a calculator can interpret your natal chart.

What is my Zi Wei Dou Shu Stars?

Everyone has their own different natal chart of Zi wei dou Shu. Since I have limited time, please be sure to provide your date of birth, as well as the exact time, to the hour. I’ll give you a general reading.Free.

How do We do a Zi Wei Dou Shu Stars Interpret

We specially have a detailed reading on the four transformation flying stars, Wealth, and emotional aspects. If you have major decisions about life, it can also be analyzed by Zi Wei Dou Shu,Although it’s not the best forecast method to make decisions in Chinese astrology.

We have their own interpretation of the zodiac, they are(in clockwise):

  • Self Palace
  • Siblings Palace (Brothers Palace)
  • Spouse Palace
  • Children Palace
  • Wealth Palace
  • Health Palace
  • Travel Palace
  • Friends Palace, or Subordinate Palace
  • Career Palace
  • Property Palace (Real Estate Palace)
  • Mental Palace, or Karma Palace, Ancestor Palace (Ford Palace)
  • Parents Palace

The most important of these are the Tripartite Palaces, which are relative to the palace of Self.
They are the self palace, the career palace, and the wealth palace.So the main aspect of interpretation is the three houses.

Does our site have zi wei dou shu PDF format books?

Yes.We offer a detailed PDF format zi wei dou shu reading of your natal chart if you need one.And we also have pdf format books,right now not in English.But we know which book is the best and which is suitable for beginners.

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